Corundum Coated Oil Well Casing
Corundum Coated Oil Well Casing
When operating steel casing in carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide environments, corrosion can reach up to several mm per year.
As a result, high operating costs for the well where regular replacement of casing pipes is required.
special ceramic coating
We have developed a special ceramic coating that is resistant to hydrogen sulfide and any other chemicals.
High levels of microhardness make it possible to operate in aggressive environments with an admixture of sand, etc.
The corundum (ceramic) coating applied to the walls of the casing pipe has properties close to diamond, which means that it will hardly wear out.
lifetime warranty on the pipes
Using our innovative AL2TEO coated casing pipes, oilfield services companies can provide a lifetime warranty on the pipes used in the construction of wells.
Corundum CoatING factory
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