Protective coating of your
Withstands up to 2000 °C
Friction coefficient ≤0.010
Increase in torque and capacity up to 5%. The turbocharging response improves, and the temperature of the engine coolant and motor oil decreases.
No friction
Reliable barrier against friction and temperature
Extreme temperatures and high friction are factors that disable any internal combustion engine.

We have developed a new formula for metal-ceramic coatings obtained by a special method of micro-arc oxidation
Innovative technology of the USSR space program, modified by our scientists
We have developed a special corundum (the second strongest mineral after diamond) AL2TEO coating for aluminum pistons.
How does it work?
Strenght test
Fire test
Strenght test
Our patented method has a number of advantages over the technologies offered on the market:
  • Maximum density at comparative cost
  • Coating thickness up to 500 microns
  • The possibility of covering small holes with a diameter of 4 mm
You can pack and send your spare parts to our warehouse in any convenient way:

  • Russia, Novosibirsk, Nikolaeva str. 11, 406

[We accept shipping at the expense of the sender]
We will not accept a parts:
  • beaten
  • crumpled
  • with deep scratches and chips
  • dirty

You can assess the condition of the spare part by sending us a photo.
The parts can be covered:
  • The surface of the intake and exhaust valves
  • Exhaust ports
  • Piston-cylinder pair
Your pistons - are our coating
The production has two automated coating lines, a manual service line for small details and a processing area for large-sized products.
Order the piston coating
The price of the work depends on the diameter of the spare part
up to 80 mm
1500 rubles per pcs
up to 100 mm
2300 rubles per pcs
from 100 mm
4500 rubles per pcs
10 - 500 μm
Coefficient of friction
up to 7000 V
Breakdown voltage
10 W/(m∙K)
Heat transfer coefficient
Coating thickness
up to 3500 Hv
Coating microhardness
up to 2000 °C
Thermal resistance
AL2TEO surface characteristics
  • reduction of fuel consumption up to 10%,
  • wear reduction,
  • increasing the power and resource of the internal combustion engine,
  • the possibility to remove the air filter,
  • an increase in efficiency by 5-7% due to an increase in the adiabaticity of the combustion chamber.
The coating of pistons and other elements of the crank mechanism ensures reliable operation of the engine for a long time, increases the power and resource of modern engines.
Our coverage advantages
Wide range of applications

Expanding the range of application of aluminum, titanium, and magnesium parts through the use of MAO-coating
Increased protective and decorative properties

Protective and decorative properties are higher than those of galvanic or any other coatings
Machining parts with complex geometry

Machining of parts with complex geometry, blind and through holes, threads
Machining of any Al, Ti, Mg alloys

We can process any aluminum, titanium, magnesium alloys

Our patented method has a number of advantages over technologies available on the market:
Comparison of AL2TEO technology with MAO of other companies
  • Hanging density at comparative cost
  • Consistent coating quality during serial production
  • Low energy consumption per unit of coating surface
  • Coating thickness up to 500 μm
  • AL2TEO makes it possible to obtain coatings with controlled characteristics and homogeneous hardness
  • Ability to cover small holes
  • Thermal resistance up to 2000 °C
  • Breakdown voltage up to 7000 V
Apply for corundum coating
Specify the type of engine
Number of cylinders, diameter
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