Protective coating

The micro-arc oxidation technology or MAO consists in the fact that micro-arc discharges with high local temperatures and pressures occur on the metal surface when a high-density current is passed through the metal-electrolyte interface.

The result of the discharges is the formation of a coating layer consisting of oxidized forms of base metal elements and electrolyte constituents. For aluminum, in particular, - corundum (the second hardest mineral after diamond).

Depending on the choice of micro-arc oxidation mode and electrolyte composition, ceramic coatings with unique characteristics and the widest range of applications can be obtained.
Our patented method has a number of advantages over technologies available on the market:
Comparison of AL2TEO technology with MAO of other companies
  • Hanging density at comparative cost

  • Consistent coating quality during serial production

  • Low energy consumption per unit of coating surface

  • Coating thickness up to 500 μm
  • AL2TEO makes it possible to obtain coatings with controlled characteristics and homogeneous hardness

  • Ability to cover small holes

  • Thermal resistance up to 2000 °C

  • Breakdown voltage up to 7000 V
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