Compact hydrogen production reactor
Methane pyrolysis technology
We make compact hydrogen production by pyrolysis of methane possible. For this purpose we use a chemical compression reactor based on an internal combustion engine.

This technology aims as obtaining “blue” or “turquoise” hydrogen by methane pyrolysis using chemical compression reactor based on internal combustion engine. This internal combustion engine with compressive fuel ignition is designed with using stretching connective rods which provides its small size.

The device developed solves a significant problem of obtaining pure, cheap and eco-friendly hydrogen without emis-sion of pollutants or greenhouse gases.
Features of the developed reactor:
  • Compression ignition of the fuel mixture

  • Simplified lubrication system combined with cooling system

  • Exhaust gases are free of nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide

  • Automatic adjustment to different fuels

  • No piston rings

  • Absolute balance

  • Clearance between piston and cylinder 0.005 mm, maintained by the cooling system

  • All rubbing surfaces are coated with thermochemical oxidation developed by our company
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