We offer unique coatings obtained by micro-arc oxidation for aluminum, titanium and magnesium products

Our coverage advantages
Wide range of applications
Expanding the range of application of aluminum, titanium, and magnesium parts through the use of MAO-coating

Machining of any Al, Ti, Mg alloys

We can process any aluminum, titanium, magnesium alloys

Increased protective and decorative properties
Protective and decorative properties are higher than those of galvanic or any other coatings

Machining parts with complex geometry

Machining of parts with complex geometry, blind and through holes, threads
10 - 500 μm
Coefficient of friction
up to 7000 V
Breakdown voltage
10 W/(m∙K)
Heat transfer coefficient
Coating thickness
up to 3500 Hv
Coating microhardness
up to 2000 °C
Thermal resistance
What steps does the coating procedure consist of?
You leave a request for a cost estimate
The same day we make the calculation and send you a sample contract for your signature
Detail covering
We design and create the detail, then make the coating
Job acceptance
You accept and pay for each step of the work
Send an enquiry
Al, Mg and Ti details coating
Details covering from 1 pc.
1-7 days
3D model creation

Detail manufacturing

Design department
MAO-application equipment supply
Manufacturing, delivery and start-up of machinery

2-3 month

Extra services
MAO-using devices and mechamisms development

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